Centers, Initiatives & Labs

A federated entity at the crossroads of computational research at BU, the Institute is home to the following centers, initiatives, and labs:



Each of the above units pursues a particular mission and engages with different communities of scholars around specific themes or interests. In addition to these focused groups, the Institute also brings together faculty affiliates into research clusters, which provide a broader coverage of disciplines and methodologies.

The DLI – An Incubation Success Story

When the Council on Educational Technology & Learning Innovation (CETLI), co-chaired by Institute Director Azer Bestavros, recommended in 2012 the creation of an agile initiative aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the transformation of higher education by digital learning technologies, the Hariri Institute was the natural place to incubate this initiative. Hosted at the Institute, the Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) was launched in 2013 to spearhead the University’s most innovative projects in online learning, uninhibited by preexisting culture or structures. The DLI grew to become BU’s liaison with the edX platform; serve as the hub of BU’s MOOC production; facilitate campus-wide digital learning innovation through the CETLI/DLI grants program; and proactively pursue key digital learning strategic initiatives. After three short years, the success of the DLI warranted its leaving the Institute federation to join with additional entities as part of the University’s new Digital Learning & Innovation group.