Discussion: The Future of Cloud Innovation

in Institute News
June 12th, 2014

“Will the future of cloud IAAS and PAAS innovation be dominated (and also limited) by a few large vertically integrated cloud providers?”

The recently announced Massachusetts Open Cloud Project (MOC) is founded on the premise that innovation will be limited largely to cloud providers who tend to design their own hardware and develop their own software, and that in the long run, if only a handful of major providers continue to dominate the public cloud marketplace, then any innovation can only be realized through one of them. 

MOC is a collaboration that draws from the five universities involved in the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center – MGHPCC - http://www.mghpcc.org - Boston University, Harvard, Northeastern, MIT and U Mass and a number of industry collaborators. Several IAP members including Brocade, Canonical (Ubuntu), Cisco, and OpenStack are actively participating. OpenStack will be the cloud framework for the MOC to be deployed in the 10MW 90,000 sq ft MGHPCC. One of our IAP LinkedIn members – Professor Orran Krieger at BU is the MOC Project lead.

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