Master’s Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers MEng and MS degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and photonics to prepare students for both productive careers in industry and advanced graduate/doctoral studies.

Each of our master’s programs features a practicum requirement that is satisfied by a thesis, a project, or a combination of project-intensive courses.

As a master’s student, you would be required to take 8 courses (32 credits), including 4 structured courses in a specialization area within the diverse field of electrical and computer engineering.

While both the MEng and MS degrees offer you the opportunity to acquire specialized technical knowledge and skills in electrical and computer engineering, the MEng degree also offers you the flexibility to take graduate electives in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and project management.

Master’s Program Requirements

MEng Planning Sheet
MS Planning Sheet
MS Projects
Switching Degrees
Engineering with Practice Option
College of Engineering Deadlines

How to Apply

Visit the College of Engineering Graduate Admissions site for more information.