Boston-London Program

The Boston-London Program is a unique educational experience at Boston University—the only program at BU with a study abroad experience built into the freshman year. All College of General Studies students begin their studies in January with a semester in Boston before finishing their freshman year with a six-week semester in London during the summer.

Take a gap semester to explore your world: With the freshman year starting in January and finishing in the summer, you’ll have the chance to take a gap semester before you go to college—and still graduate on time. It’s an opportunity to unwind, to work, to volunteer, and to find your passion. Students take advantage of the gap semester to hold internships, take classes to earn BU credit, volunteer, visit friends, travel the world, spend time with family, and take up new hobbies or passions.

Begin your semester in January in Boston. Your freshman year will start at Boston University in January. Staying true to CGS’s interdisciplinary, team approach, the Boston-London Program’s courses focus on six cognitive revolutions, or “tipping points” in Western history, explored through the lens of humanities, social science, and rhetoric. Our faculty teams coordinate the course material and supplement the courses with experiences outside the classroom—getting you face to face with the local culture, museums, art and history that the city has to offer. You will also take elective(s) toward your major. For details on the courses, see here: Boston-London Program.

Study abroad your freshman year. After finishing the spring semester in Boston, you will complete freshman year with a six-week global learning experience in London during the summer. You will live in South Kensington in the heart of London, studying with the same team of CGS faculty and students you had in Boston. However, if, due to personal circumstances, you are unable to study in London, a summer term in Boston will be available.

Learn inside and outside the classroom. In both Boston and London, learning goes beyond lectures and papers. From performances to museums to historical landmarks—these experiences reinforce everything you learn in the classroom.

Continue into the school and major you choose: After the London semester, you’ll continue your sophomore year in CGS, taking electives toward your major while continuing your CGS courses and fulfilling your BU Hub requirements. Then you’ll transition seamlessly into the school or college of your choice in your junior year.

Learn More

Already been admitted? Just curious to learn more? Check out the following resources about the program:

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Slide3Admissions Information: Read through Program FAQs, review the checklist, see what events are in place to welcome you to BU. Financial Information: View comprehensive financial information related to your freshman year enrollment in the Program

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September Admission

September admission is still offered for transfer students but is not available for freshman students. Learn more about transferring to the College of General Studies here