Alternative Service Breaks (ASB)


Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) is a weeklong service learning opportunity open to all Boston University students. ASB seeks to create sustainable relationships between Boston University and its host communities, inspiring engagement and challenging social justice issues. ASB transcends geographical and personal borders, empowering individuals to discover communities and values through leadership and service experiences.

Please carefully read theĀ ASB 2019 Program Guide, which includes FAQs and registration information.

This year, we will host 21 trips. Learn more about each of the trips, including their service focus and coordinators, in the list below.

ASB Chaperones are graduate students and staff members who participate fully in each ASB trip. They support trip coordinators in emergencies, and represent the University.


2019 ASB Trips

Antelope Island, UT

Antelope Island State Park (Environment)

$900 (Fly/Cabin Camping)

Natalie Gallego & Andrew Garcia

Asheville, NC

Conserving Carolina (Environment & Education)

$440 (Van/Church)

Elizabeth Curry & Kateryna Kzhemanovska

Chicago, IL

Friedman Place (Disabilities, Public Health, & Housing)

$440 (Van/Church)

Priyanka Ray & Vikram Daesety

Crossville, TN

Cumberland Trail Conference (Environment)

$440 (Van/Dorm)

Priya Kaushik & Jacob Mellen

Des Moines, IA

Iowa Homeless Youth Centers (Youth, Education, Homelessness)

$440 (Van/Church)

Anthony Dongfack & Summer Busching

Detroit, MI

Alternatives for Girls (Youth, Public Health, Urban Development)

$390 (Van/Church)

Eli Panetta & Kennedy Morrow

Greenville, SC

Frazee Center (Youth/Eduction)

$440 (Van/Church)

Brian Kendrick & Brynn Winiarski

Harpers Ferry, WV

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (Environment)

$390 (Van/Dorm)

Warren Liu & Carolina Betetta

Hobe Sound, FL

Blowing Rocks Preserve (Environment)

$440 (Van/Camping)

Lilian Tower & Safiya Nawabzada

Horse Cave, KY

American Cave Conservation (Environment, Rural Development)

$440 (Van/Church)

Erin Thomas & Haby Sondo

Louisburg, NC

Terrell Lane Middle School (Youth & Education)

$390 (Van/House)

Aisha Sheikh & Jessica Weber

Louisville, KY

Hand in Hand (Affordable Housing, Neighborhood & Urban Development)

$440 (Van/House)

Natalie Swiacki & Chloe Gao

Macon, GA

Rebuilding Macon (Affordable Housing)

$440 (Van/Church)

Emily Scrementi & Sage Holloway

Memphis, TN

Serve 901 (Neighborhood & Urban Development)

$440 (Van/Dorm)

Lauren Ness & Mitsu Philogene

Nashville, TN

United Cerebral Palsy (Disabilities, Affordable Housing)

$440 (Van/Church)

Alaina DeMichiei & Lee-Or Bentovim

New Orleans, LA

Louisiana SPCA (Animals, Disaster Relief)

$440 (Van/Dorm)

Elizabeth Smith & Jack Marciano

Orland, ME

Homeworkers for More Employment (Hunger/Food Justice, Housing, Rural Development, Labor)

$390 (Van/Cabin)

Frank Mendoza & Victoria Catipon

Roanoke, VA

Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Environment)

$440 (Van/Dorm)

Mikaela Mari & Nina Maitland

San Francisco, CA

Seven Tepees Youth Program and La Casa de las Madres (Youth/Education, Families, Public Health)

$900 (Fly/House)

Ashley Welch & Sahar Hossain

San Juan, PR

Iniciativa Comunitaria (Public Health)

$1000 (Fly/Hostel)

Kimberly Castillo & Teya Lovell

Shawnee, IL

Shawnee National Forest (Environment)

$440 (Van/Cabin)

Kyle Bryant & Lucina Hawkins


Kristal Castro &

Nikita Varman

Program Managers

Kayce McCue

Program Chair


Miranda Melici

Program Chair


Ben Skross

Program Chair


Maddy Smalley

Program Chair