Critical Literacies for ELL (English Language Learners)

This course meets one Hub requirement: Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy

WR 112 is a pass/fail course but still requires substantial academic work. We hope that the pass/fail designation allows students to take risks in their writing, try new strategies, and adapt to college-level writing, reading, and speaking needs without worrying about the effects on their GPA.

WR 112 teaches ELL students to read, analyze, and discuss written and visual texts of varied genres on global and intercultural topics with intellectual discernment and cultural sensitivity; to recognize and critically employ the culture-specific conventions of expository and argumentative discourses in speech and in writing; express themselves orally with greater comfort and confidence in diverse contexts, and with a focus on intelligibility, register, and the power dynamics of oral communication in English; to plan, draft, and revise academic papers and other genres (both written and visual/multimodal) for clarity and coherence in different rhetorical situations, with attention to and reflection on concepts and controversies in syntax, diction, and style; and to critically reflect on how academic language norms, world Englishes, and existing power structures intersect with multilingualism, racial identity, and linguistic choices in global and academic communities.

Note: Students register for WR 112 after taking the Multilingual Writer Placement, or by passing WR 111. After successfully passing WR 112, most students continue straight on to WR 120.