Academic Writing for ELL (English Language Learner) Students

This course meets one Hub requirement: The Individual in Community

WR 111 is a pass/fail course but still requires substantial academic work. We hope that the pass/fail designation allows students to take risks in their writing, try new strategies, and adapt to college-level writing, reading, and speaking needs without worrying about the effects on their GPA.

WR 111 is designed to lay the foundation of your academic communication skills at BU. The course places you in an international, multicultural group of learners and provides opportunities to explore how individual personality is cultivated in relationship to larger communities through various communicative acts. You will read challenging and interesting essays about identity, cross-cultural communication, migration, families, and food–among other themes–and build your awareness of situation, audience, purpose, and diverse points of view. You will engage in in-class discussions, team oral presentations, debates, and on- and off-campus activities.

Note: Students register for WR 111 after taking the Multilingual Writer Placement, or by self-selection. After successfully passing WR 111, students are expected to register for and pass WR 112 before taking WR 120.