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The certificate of advanced graduate study (CAGS) in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at Boston University prepares students to be PreK–12 public, independent, and international school and district leaders, and education-related community, state, federal, and institutional leaders and analysts. This program is for scholars, leaders, and analysts seeking to broaden and deepen their understanding of the enduring challenges of education as well as the practical skills required to exercise leadership in educational settings. Students enrolled the CAGS program have already achieved their master’s degree in a relevant program and are interested in continuing their education.

As a student in the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS at BU Wheelock, you’ll learn to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative educational programs, practices and services for local, regional, national and international schools, institutions and organizations. The Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS at Boston University may lead to administrative licensure and can be taken on either a full-time (one year) or part-time (two years) basis.

Dates & Deadlines

Spring & Fall 2024

Aug 15, 2023

Application Open

Spring 2024 Semester

Dec 15, 2023

Application Deadline

Fall 2024 Semester

Jan 15, 2024

Deadline to Receive Priority Scholarship Consideration

Fall 2024 Semester

Aug 1, 2024

Application Closes

Featured Faculty

The faculty for the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development include several experienced and successful education leaders. In their teaching, they emphasize practical, real-life knowledge and skills so that program graduates will to be prepared exercise leadership in multiple settings.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of Boston University’s Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS will have many career options in schools and districts, as well as leadership roles in other affiliated institutions and organizations with a focus on education.


  • Leaders of alternative, independent, charter, and international schools
  • Careers in education-related community organizations, institutes, think tanks, state and federal service, or international education enterprises.
  • Professionals who who wish to specialize in educational issues, products, or services.

More Information about the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS

Licensure & Practicum

Students who wish to attain licensure for roles such as principal, director, or superintendent will take a practicum course that offers opportunities to test out leadership ideas in a real-life setting.

Master’s Degree Programs

Students seeking to enroll in a master’s degree program can explore the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies master’s degrees, with both licensure and non-licensure options.

Graduate Admissions

Connect with BU Wheelock to learn more about the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies CAGS. Get information about deadlines, requirements, and financial assistance, and sign up for an information session.

Licensing Disclosure
BU Wheelock Educator Preparation Programs Licensing Disclosure provides information about BU Wheelock state approved programs and how the educational requirements compare with those in other states. Education students in licensure programs should review this resource and contact with questions

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