Ask Fidelity: Virtual Retirement Plan Help Desk

With the warmer weather blossoming before us and the family vacations right around the corner, it’s important to keep on top of your finances.  Now is the perfect time to take advantage of new opportunities to learn about your retirement plan, resources, and financial wellness.  With your valuable and limited time in mind, we are excited to announce that Fidelity Investments is hosting Virtual Retirement Help Desk sessions again this Summer Semester.

These sessions are designed to help you get the answers you need to maximize your financial wellness in a time effective manner, so you don’t need to choose between your already busy schedule and thinking about the importance of your financial future.

Join the upcoming virtual sessions to get answers to questions on the following topics and more:

  • The BU Retirement Savings Program
  • How to access your account and navigate Fidelity NetBenefits
  • How to set up or change your Beneficiaries

Please register for a session below to attend.

Date Time Register
Tuesday, June 4th 12 p.m. Zoom
Wednesday, July 17th 12 p.m. Zoom
Monday, August 19th 12 p.m. Zoom