Nutrition Workshops with the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

BU’s Sargent Choice Nutrition Center (SCNC) is excited to announce the continuation of the Nutrition Workshops for faculty and staff throughout the Spring.  


The SCNC is offering a series of three workshops that provide tools and strategies to support each individual in planting sustainable habits that align with their nutrition-related goals, routines, preferences, budget and lifestyle, as well as considerations for their work, home and other environments.  You may take 1, 2 or all 3 workshops.  The SCNC recommends starting with Workshop #1 as this provides a foundation for subsequent workshops. All workshops are offered virtually. Please register for each session by clicking on the date and times below:

Workshop #1: Nutrition Essentials     

Understand how your body uses energy from food, the role of hunger and fullness cues, and use our meal planning tools to customize meals and snacks that maximize your nutrition and satisfaction.    

Workshop #2: Thoughtful Eating 

Build on your nutrition foundation by exploring the factors that impact food choices. Our thoughtful eating strategies will help you build confidence in choosing foods for both nutrition and satisfaction.

Workshop #3: Nutrition Opportunities and Meal Planning 

Utilize advanced tools to identify nutrition opportunities that support your goals, and practice crafting sustainable habits that fit into your daily routine.

More about the SCNC Team: 

The Sargent Choice Nutrition Center (SCNC) team includes 11 Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) with advanced degrees and specialized training in a variety of areas including: eating disorders, sports nutrition, digestive disorders, food allergies and sensitivities, women’s health, and chronic disease and risk factor management. Learn more online at 

Boston University strives to be accessible, inclusive and diverse in our facilities, programming and academic offerings. Your experience in this event is important to us. If you have a disability (including but not limited to learning or attention, mental health, concussion, vision, mobility, hearing, physical or other health related), require communication access services for the deaf or hard of hearing, or believe that you require a reasonable accommodation for another reason please contact the event organizer to discuss your needs.