How to Create Your Own Gym Equipment at Home

As we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty and change, it’s important to continue to practice self-care and maintain healthy habits and routines. Maintaining or beginning an exercise routine can provide you with more energy and a healthy outlook.

No dumbbells? No problem!

Take advantage of these common household items to make your very own at-home gym. It’s okay if you don’t have these exact items you can always use something similar. Let the creative juices flow!

Replace dumbbells with canned food or water bottles
The average can of soup weighs about half a pound. One liter of water is equivalent to two pounds. You can use these for bicep curls, tricep extensions, or as added weight for other exercises.

Substitute a kettlebell with laundry detergent or a gallon of water
A 50 fl. oz. bottle of detergent weighs a little over three pounds. One gallon of water is equivalent to slightly over eight pounds. Use these to add weight to your squats, deadlifts, or swings.

Use a towel as a makeshift yoga mat
While a towel may not be quite as padded as a yoga mat, it will provide more cushion for your knees and elbows than the floor itself.

Make sliders out of hand towels
You can add these under your feet while holding a plank and lift your hips to go into a pike. You can also slide both feet out to the side to do a plank jack.

Turn a sweatshirt or a scarf into a resistance band
While not as stretchy as a resistance band, you can still create resistance while doing arm exercises, or when stretching out your hamstrings.