Five Healthy Habits for Working From Home

With many of us new to working from home, we encourage you to try out some of these tips and ideas for integrating structure and wellness into your daily work routine. They may help you feel better and keep your productivity going!

1. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Begin and end the day with a routine that signals the start and end of your working day. Maybe the start begins with a cup of coffee or tea and the end begins with walking the dog.

2. Even if you don’t have an office, set up a dedicated workspace.

Do your best to find a comfortable and supportive chair, and make sure your desk or table is at a comfortable height. If you are using a laptop, consider an external keyboard to improve your body mechanics. Even better if you can enjoy some sunlight or fresh air from your seat. Don’t have a standing desk at home? Prop your laptop up on books or find a higher countertop to work on for several hours a day.

3. Give yourself a break.

Literally and figuratively. Make sure your schedule includes regular breaks and a real lunch break. Enjoy the whole break. Don’t go back five minutes early because you heard your email chime. For many of us, working remotely is a big shift from our previous in-person working style. Give yourself time to transition to your new situation.

4. Move.

Yes, feel free to take a walk or do some floor exercises during your breaks, but even while working, find a way to move! Stand up and do heel lifts while you are on the phone. Do pelvic tilts while seated at your computer. Every little bit counts!  For inspiration, check out FitRec’s Tips and Workouts: How to Keep Moving Wherever You Are.

5. Communicate and connect with your colleagues frequently.

It’s easy to feel isolated when working from home. Make sure to participate in online meetings. Use the telephone and Zoom or Skype, not just email. Working from home in these challenging times is especially hard, so it is especially important to use the audio and visual aspects of our technology to communicate with our peers when we are unable to meet in person. Bring your smile with you.


From BU Employee Wellness newsletter 3/27/2020