Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students (designated advising staff, designated faculty)

Cost: No charge

Degree Advice provides real-time delivery of academic advice through a web interface. Students and advisors can track academic program progress from matriculation through graduation, viewing complete and incomplete course and non-course requirements, the number of credits needed, as well as transferred course equivalencies.


The Degree Advice service supports timely degree certification as well as consistent degree planning while minimizing errors.  Degree Advice reduces paperwork and manual program check sheets, streamlining the graduation process.

Key Features

  • Provides real-time advice and counsel
  • Provides intuitive web access to self-service capabilities
  • Allows students and advisors considering a change to perform speculative, “what-if” audits for a student, using the student's current class history and the requirements of the new academic program
  • Facilitates 24/7 access to monitor student academic program progress via the Student, Faculty, and Faculty/Staff Links.

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


  • To access the Degree Advice system, one needs:
  • A BU login account is required to access functionality on Student Link (students), Faculty Link, and Faculty/Staff Link (departments and staff).
  • Staff members require a mainframe account to access functionality on the mainframe.

Getting Started

  • Students: In the MyBU Student page select Academic Advising
  • Faculty: In the Faculty Link, select Class Lists and then select a student's name
  • Administrators and Faculty: In the Faculty/Staff Link, select a student
  • Staff requiring access to the Degree Advice system’s administrative components on the mainframe, as well as functionality on the Faculty/Staff Link, should contact their unit’s Data Security Administrator to request correct permissions for access to functions and data.