Student Systems facilitate the administrative processes of a student’s progress through the University. They enable everything from the identifying of prospective students through applying, admissions, financial aid, orientation, advising, registering, grading, billing, and graduating. The student information system forms the foundation of the BU student’s experience with administrative services and is the system of record for academic credit and progress.

The University Provost has launched an initiative to replace the BU’s Student Systems that support services like registration, financial assistance and advising. See the Student Information System Renewal Program website for more information.

  • The BU Hub General Education Proposal Management tool provides for creation and management of proposals for courses and clusters of courses as well as co-curricular learning experiences via varied pathways, such as service learning projects, internships, and team teaching across colleges. ... more »

  • Degree Advice provides the ability to monitor student academic program progress through the StudentLink for student self-service and the Faculty and Faculty/Staff Links for faculty and advisors.... more »

  • The Financial Aid service offers functionality that helps students and their parents gauge the cost of education, as well as tools to calculate financial eligibility.... more »

  • Global Services provides administrators access to student immigration information and provides students with self -service online application into programs offered by CELOP and Study Abroad.... more »

  • The Orientation service manages the registration, scheduling, and reporting of Orientation related activities. The offering includes registration, payment, new student housing application, and management tools and lists for Orientation leaders.... more »

  • The Registration service provides self-service access to the Student Link (students), as well as administrative tools for the Registrar’s Office and other departments at the University.... more »

  • Student recruitment service enables Boston University staff to identify, engage, communicate with and manage prospective students.... more »

  • The Student Accounts & Collections service provides self-service access to student account information, as well as tools for students, parents, and third parties to keep these accounts current.... more »

  • The Student Employment service facilitates the administration of student payroll and job placement, and provides self-service capabilities to work-study students, payroll coordinators, supervisors, and potential employers.... more »

  • The Undergraduate Admissions service is a suite of enterprise applications and tools that supports the initial student life cycle administrative processes, from inquiry through student matriculation, and provides applicants information and tools to manage their application process.... more »