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Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students

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Cashier provides a variety of tools and interfaces to process cash, check, credit card, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and disbursements. Payments can be collected for student tuition and fees, donations, gifts, services, or merchandise-for tax or tax-exempt purposes. Online access via GALAXY provides access to display transactions, as well as all the tools to process and balance cash, check, credit card, and ACH transactions. Nightly batch processing ensures timely credit card and ACH settlement and submission of transactions to the General Ledger and Student Account sub-ledgers. ACH processing is currently available only for student related transactions.


Cashier provides a secure, timely, and cost-efficient means for entry, display, and processing of payment and disbursement transactions. It ensures adherence to University audit and accounting requirements and to industry regulatory rules and regulations, e.g., Payment Card Industry (PCI), concerning the accuracy, processing, and storing of transactions and financial data.

Key Features

  • Provides multiple options for the 24/7 entry of cash, check, credit card, and ACH payment and disbursement processing via GALAXY, batch, Business Link, Student Link, and other web-based applications
  • Provides a full range of cash processing tools, including balancing and deposit
  • Offers printing options that include customer receipts, document validation, check endorsement, and location/teller balancing
  • Provides nightly settlement of credit card and ACH transactions, and automatic balancing of data for locations that process only credit card or ACH transactions
  • Provides nightly transaction submission to the General Ledger and Student Account sub-ledgers
  • Allows the entry of electronic cash/credit voucher and creation of transaction templates
  • The Business Link Credit Card Payment/Refund application restricts credit card transactions to one accounting code/detail item. The GALAXY and credit card web-based applications can contain up to 10 accounting codes/detail items per transaction.

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


  • Students must have an active student account, a UID, and a Kerberos password.
  • Faculty and staff must:
    • have a Business Function ID (BFID), proper GALAXY permits and associated value security, and a Cashier teller profile
    • obtain from the General Accounting Office the appropriate accounting codes
    • obtain from Cashier the appropriate location and teller setup, merchant numbers, MIDs, and TIDs for processing credit card transactions
    • Any office or department wishing to process credit card payments from its public website(s) must retain the resources for the creation and maintaining of the website and for the incorporation of the appropriate Cashier functionality. For recurring payment processing, the office or department must retain the resources for the creation and maintaining of the recurring functionality.
    • Windows-based PCs are required for merchants who will be entering credit card/token data via the Verifone Vx 820 device in office applications. Macs can be used for all other Cashier application functionality.

    Getting Started

    • Contact your Data Security Administrator (DSA) to be issued a Business Function ID (BFID) and ensure that your permit access and value-security values are appropriate for your roles and responsibilities.
    • Contact the Cashier Office to indicate your desire to use Cashier, to discuss your needs, to learn about requirements, and to obtain the appropriate Cashier interface and options.
    • Contact IS&T to assist you with website development and the incorporation of Cashier functionality into your site.