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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: Costs vary according to the services requested.

We develop custom web applications to meet University needs when an appropriate vendor or Open Source solution is not available. Web applications are centrally managed and allow access to information over the Web. We build web applications to your specification, that integrate seamlessly with other University systems.


Connect to your constituents through the Web by offering interactive functionality with University systems. Create custom applications to meet your functional needs, automate existing processes, increase efficiency, and better serve the needs of the University community.

Key Features

  • Web accessible functionality integrated with central University systems
  • Custom solutions tailored to your functional needs
  • Clear and predictable operational sustainment and support path after release
  • Secure, auditable, and follows University guidelines and best practices for data management.


Request must be supported by a school, college, department, or research project

Getting Started

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