Audit & Pass/Fail

Auditing a course

The designation of “Audit” is a registration status used when you officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit. Audited courses are subject to full tuition and fees.

You may register for a course on an audit basis only when space is available and only with the permission of the instructor. If you receive permission to audit a course, you are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assigned readings. Other requirements regarding participation are to be agreed upon by the student and instructor.

A Permission to Audit Form must be completed and returned to the Summer Term office. The last day to add courses with audit status or convert classes from credit to audit is May 28, 2021 for standard Summer 1 courses; June 7, 2021 for standard 12-week courses; and July 12, 2021 for standard Summer 2 courses.

No audited courses can be counted toward a degree. They can not be paid for with financial aid.

Audited courses will be designated as AU on the transcript; however, failure to meet the requirements agreed upon by student and faculty can result in a student’s being officially withdrawn from the course at the instructor’s request, in which case the student will receive a mark of “W” on the transcript.

All students attending and participating in a course must be officially registered. Students are not allowed to “sit-in” on summer courses.

Taking a course pass/fail

To encourage intellectual exploration, BU permits undergraduate students in good academic standing to elect up to two courses total of academic coursework on a Pass/Fail basis to satisfy credit requirements for the bachelor’s degree. The two courses designated as Pass/Fail cannot be taken in the same fall, spring, or summer semesters. Students on academic probation may not elect to take a course Pass/Fail during any semester they are on academic probation.

A student’s earned grade in the course designated as Pass/Fail will be replaced by a “P*” for Pass as long as a student has earned a course grade of D or above. A student’s earned F grade in the course designated as Pass/Fail will be designated as “F*” on the transcript.

Complete information on the BU Policy on Pass/Fail Courses for Undergraduate Students can be found here.

Students who are interested in taking a course on a Pass/Fail basis must discuss the option with their advisor. If, after careful consideration, the student opts to exercise the Pass/Fail option, the student should complete the Pass-Fail Course Designation Form with the Authorized School Official for their BU school or college. The Authorized School Official for visiting students is the director of Summer Term.

The deadline for submitting the signed form is the same day as the “drop with a W” deadline for the course. The “drop with a W” deadline is June 16, 2021 for standard Summer 1 courses; July 12, 2021 for standard 12-week courses; and July 29, 2021 for standard Summer 2 courses. The deadline for nonstandard courses is computed individually and is published alongside the individual course on the Student Link or summer description.


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