RISE Internship / Practicum

RISE Internship / Practicum

Thank you to our students for making Summer 2018 a great success. Please check back on December 15 for more details about our Summer 2019 program.

Students who are passionate about the sciences and currently in their junior year of high school are invited to apply for the Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) program. Next summer, spend six weeks at BU conducting university laboratory research with some of the nation's brightest scientific minds, and advance your knowledge and skills in the sciences.

RISE offers two tracks: Internship and Practicum.


Internship students tackle research projects under the mentorship of distinguished faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students.

Opt for the Internship track, and you will spend 40 hours each week working on research projects designed by your mentor to help you acquire valuable technical and analytical skills while developing insight into the scientific process. You may choose from hands-on research opportunities in the following areas: astronomy, biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, medical laboratory research, neuroscience, physics, and psychology.

In addition, one day per week you will join the Practicum students for workshops aimed at building your academic and professional skills.


Practicum students conduct group research in a university setting under the guidance of a Boston University instructor. Ideal for students who prefer a structured research environment, the Practicum track is focused on computational neurobiology.

Opt for the Practicum track and you begin your days with a two-hour lecture from your Practicum instructor before continuing in the afternoon with four hours of group research. The experiments are designed to demonstrate procedures that are representative of university laboratory research in computational neurobiology. Although this course has a set syllabus with clearly outlined protocols, the final outcome of your research cannot be predicted in advance.

In addition, one day per week you will join the Internship students for workshops aimed at building your academic and professional skills.

Proven Results

For forty years, Boston University has provided high school students with enriching research opportunities. The RISE program has helped kick-start the career of many a scientist, researcher, and professor. Apply to RISE today, and you could be among this prestigious group of alumni in the future.

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Summer in Boston

RISE is about more than science. When you are not in the lab, you are afforded plenty of time to develop lasting relationships and friendships while participating in social and recreational activities on campus and around the historic city of Boston.

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RISE: The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Whether you live on campus or commute from home, you can expect to enjoy stimulating intellectual interactions and social camaraderie with your fellow students. All RISE students will come away from the summer with a better understanding of the scientific process, research ethics, how to read a research paper, and how to network in the science and engineering fields.