Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is about caring for, respecting, and advocating for your body.

It involves focusing on habits that promote physical health, like sleep, exercise, nutrition, sexual health, and making safe decisions about substance use. It’s knowing how to navigate healthcare and understanding what your body needs, not only when you are sick, but also to prevent illness and injury.

Moving your body, scheduling your annual check up, eating nutritious meals or sleeping eight hours a night are some of many ways you can boost your physical wellness each day.

Explore Resources to Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

How Do You Support Your Physical Health and Wellness?

“I take care of my physical wellbeing by taking naps to recharge.”
Daniel Lee (CAS’23)

“The best way I take care of my wellbeing is to make sure I sleep as regularly as possible. I won’t be my best self if I’m exhausted, and I won’t be able to work well.”
Alexander Brumfield (CAS’24)

“Drinking lots of water! I also make sure to limit using the elevator and try to take the stairs as much as I can, with breaks in between.”
Kyle McMullin (SHA’24)

Questions to Ask Yourself about Physical Wellbeing

  • Do I consistently eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains?
  • Do I moderate or limit my use of alcohol and other drugs?
  • Do I get at least eight hours of sleep a night?
  • Do I stretch, exercise, and move my body at least three-to-five times per week?
  • Do I get annual check-ups through a primary care provider?

Learn More about Physical Wellbeing

On-Campus Resources to Support Your Physical Wellbeing


Fitness & Recreation Center

FitRec has dozens of PDP classes, recreational classes, and personal training to support your physical wellbeing. Drop in to play a pick-up game, join an intramural team, or go for a walk on the track with a friend to support your physical and social wellbeing.

Student Health Services

SHS is an integrated health center that supports the health and wellness of all Boston University students. Visit Primary Care if you need medical attention. Health Promotion and Prevention provides a variety of programs, events, and services to promote your physical health and wellness.

Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

Sargent Nutrition offers evidence-based nutrition services, counseling, and workshops to BU students to support your physical wellbeing.

Ryan Center for Sports Medicine

A leading provider of rehabilitation services in the Boston Area, the Ryan Center offers services that combine the highest level of clinical expertise with the most advanced rehabilitations techniques.