Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing is building and maintaining healthy relationships and having meaningful, authentic interactions with others.

Community is made up of the people around you; your peers, mentors, faculty, family and colleagues. It is having a sense of belonging while valuing diversity. It involves communication, navigating conflict, boundary setting, and mutual respect regardless of our differences.

There are countless opportunities to find your people at BU. Perhaps you might hit it off with your classmates or roommates. Or, you might join a student organization and discover that you really connect with other members. At the end of the day, having a network that supports and cares for you will boost your social wellbeing.

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How Do You Support Your Social Wellness?

“The most important way I take care of myself is finding time to be with my friends as much as possible, even if I am very busy and do not have a lot of time.”
Lucy Kisova (CAS’24)

Questions to Ask Yourself about Social Wellbeing

  • Do I make time to visit with family or friends?
  • Do I express appreciation and affection for the people who support me?
  • Do I find my relationships to be positive, enriching, and authentic?
  • Do I make an effort to interact with a variety of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs?

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On-Campus Resources to Support Your Social Wellbeing


Undergraduate Clubs and Organizations

Whether it’s artistic expression, social justice, environmental protection, or athletic competition that sparks your interest, the Student Activities office has 450+ groups with something for everyone!

Graduate Student Clubs and Organizations

With so many student groups and associations available to graduate students, it’s easy to find a way to connect with your peers. Seek growth and connection in your professional life, find your people, or just kick back and have some fun.

Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground

At the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, students are united in their desire to learn about themselves and one another. Together, they come alive in pursuit of greater understanding through intellectual discourse, active listening, and friendship.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) exists to give students living on campus the best possible experience in their residence halls. The RHA initiates, implements, and coordinates programs designed to enhance the educational, social, cultural, and recreational experience of residents.

Community Service Center

The Community Service Center is Boston University’s welcoming space for service, leadership, education, and reflection.