Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is about recognizing, experiencing, and managing a wide range of thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.

It is having self awareness by knowing your limits, knowing when to press pause and knowing when to seek support, either from a friend or professional. Staying in tune with your emotions helps you manage stress and foster your mental health so you can bounce back from challenging moments and maintain balance.  When you feel better, you perform better- not just academically, but in all areas of life.

Using the Headspace app to recharge your batteries and refocus, for example, is one of many ways to foster your emotional wellbeing.

Explore Resources to Improve Your Emotional Wellbeing

How Do You Support Your Emotional Wellness?

“I love to read, and it’s an amazing way to turn off your brain and be somewhere else. It’s an amazing wind-down tool that helps me improve my sleep!”
Valentina Haddad (CAS’25)

“One of the ways I take care of my mental health is by going for walks around the esplanade. It’s nice to get out into the fresh air, away from stress, and clear my mind for a little while!”
Jessica Sullivan (CAS’24)

“I keep a tiny journal with me wherever I go. It helps me channel, focus, and process my emotions rather than push them under the rug to deal with later, which I often tend to do during the school semester.”
Haya Almajali (CAS’24)

Questions to Ask Yourself about Emotional Wellbeing

  • Do I try to balance my personal, academic, and professional commitments so I don’t burn out?
  • Do I practice productive, safe, and healthy strategies to reduce stress?
  • Do I use mindfulness as a way to respond to my thoughts and feelings in a way that makes me feel better?
  • Do I set healthy and realistic goals for myself?

Learn More about Emotional Wellbeing

On-Campus Resources to Support Your Emotional Wellbeing


Behavioral Medicine

Worrying all the time? Is your mood getting in the way of your academic success? Behavioral Medicine’s team of experts can help guide you toward mental and emotional health and stability.

Mindfulness Workshops

Learn how mindfulness can help support your emotional wellbeing and goals through Health Prevention & Promotion’s mindfulness programs. No previous experience with meditation or yoga is needed. Programs are free and open to all BU students.


Student Wellbeing is proud to offer all BU students FREE access to Headspace — a research-backed app for mindfulness and meditation.

Support Groups for Students

Behavioral Medicine offers various workshops and groups to help you address a variety of mental health–related needs. Participating in one of these options will help decrease isolation and expand your support network, while gaining effective coping skills.