Environmental Wellbeing

Environmental wellbeing is valuing the relationship between ourselves, the spaces we live and work in, and the planet.

It involves noticing and understanding how our surroundings impact our thoughts and feelings, and also how our actions impact our surroundings so we can make decisions that promote sustainability and respect for our community.

Whether you’re donating clothes you no longer use, recycling your trash, or planting a tree, actively caring for your physical surroundings can improve your health, the health of our community, and the planet.

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How Do You Support Environmental Health?

“Knowing what kind of waste goes in what bin is an easy and small way to practice environmental wellbeing.”
Owen Sloane (CFA’25)

“I like to ride my bike, pick up trash along beaches, or sit by a nice park and help make the area look its best.”
Kyle McMullin (SHA’24)

Questions to Ask Yourself about Environmental Wellbeing

  • Do I reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible?
  • Do I try to make my daily environments conducive to healthy and productive habits?
  • Do I donate gently used or unused goods that can benefit someone else?
  • Do I take time to appreciate nature and remain connected to the natural world?
  • Do I use a refillable water bottle?

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On-Campus Resources to Support Your Environmental Wellbeing


Boston University Sustainability

Sustainability supports your environmental wellbeing by providing programs and opportunities for learning and action.

How To: Green Your Dorm

Make your space more welcoming while working toward a more sustainable, healthy campus.

How To: Dine Sustainably

Becoming a more conscious diner benefits you and our environment.