Intellectual Wellbeing

Intellectual wellbeing is having a sense of curiosity for what you’re learning, thinking critically and creatively, and being open to new ideas; it’s being a lifelong learner.

Intellectual wellbeing is fostered by challenging yourself and treating setbacks as opportunities for growth and development. Inside or outside the classroom, seeking opportunities to stretch your thinking benefits intellectual wellness. Self-awareness about how you learn and study best also supports your intellectual wellbeing.

Whether you’re attending special lectures on campus, seeking academic support, conducting research, or visiting museums around the city, there are countless ways to expand your mind as a BU student.

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How Do You Support Your Intellectual Health and Wellness?

“I practice wellbeing by exploring the city on my own. For me, this is a way to be independent and tune into myself and my interests. Walking around the city and finding new places is a great way to clear my head.”
Indy Hurley (CAS’23)

Questions to Ask Yourself about Intellectual Wellbeing

  • Do I keep an open mind when presented with new ideas, concepts, and ways of doing things?
  • Do I seek out opportunities to participate in activities that stimulate my mind on campus and in the city?
  • Do I look for ways to flex my creative muscles, whether through visual arts, music, performance, or writing?
  • Do I read books for pleasure in addition to what’s required for class?

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On-Campus Resources to Support Your Intellectual Wellbeing



Innovate@BU is a University-wide initiative to enable all BU Terriers to become drivers of innovation in their own lives, careers, and communities.

Educational Resource Center

To access tutoring services, writing support, and academic skill-building resources, look no further than the ERC.

Academic Resource Guide

Connecting you to the wide net of academic resources across BU’s campus.

BU Libraries

BU Libraries house more than 2.4 million physical volumes, over 45,000 current unique serials, and 77,000 media titles to nurture your intellectual wellbeing.

BU Arts Initiative

The BU Arts Initiative ensures that the arts are fundamental to the student experience by developing and supporting University-wide programs to advance the role of the arts at BU through building community; supporting interdisciplinary arts teaching, learning, and research; and highlighting diverse artists and modes of artistry.