Get Help with an Existing Program

If you’re planning a program that promotes student wellbeing, let us know! We are eager to support the work of partners seeking to boost health, wellness and community across our campuses.

There are several ways Student Wellbeing can assist you.

Plan a workshop for your group. Student Wellbeing will facilitate a workshop of your choosing. Choose from a variety of evidence based, experiential learning experiences.

Planning an event you’d like us to collaborate and co-sponsor with you? We believe in hosting events that generate stories, meet students where they’re at, and provide them with a takeaway (or two) they can use to advance their wellbeing. If your idea aligns with these principles, please fill out our “Partner on Existing Program” form.

Have a wellbeing idea but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? Reach out! Email us at to start a conversation.

Interested in facilitating an already-developed program in your community? We can provide you a how-to guide and materials to engage your group in a wellbeing program that can be tailored to your audience. Check out our menu below! Email us at to see if this might be a fit for your group.