Shaw Center Newsletter Contributions



Haciendo de tripas, corazones: The creative ethos of Latina women by Yara González-Justiniano (Spring, 2014)

Theology and Sex Education by Emma Escobar and Jessica Roffe (Fall, 2013)

Peacebuilding and Dialogue as a Woman in Leadership by Bishop Susan Hassinger (Fall, 2011)

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities  by Bishop Violet Fisher (Spring, 2010)

Women and Disability by Nancy Hale (Spring, 2010)

The Whole Truth: Isaiah 43:1-10 (A Sermon Given in Honor of Anna Howard Shaw) by LaTrelle Miller Easterling (Spring, 2009)

Living the Mission: Lady from the Land of Transylvania by Dr. Judit Gellrèd (Winter, 1999)

Clergywomen Retention Study Preliminary Results (Fall, 1996)



Albada (Dawn Song) by Chavala Condor (Fall, 2021)

Reflections on Clergywomen’s Consultation (In response to a conference that took place in the spring of 2002)

Incarnating Resurrection: Living Life More Abundantly (Women and the Word Reflections, 2001) by Vivian Ruth Waltz (Spring, 2001)

You’ve Been Given Enough by Laurel Scott (Winter, 1999)



In the Beginning: A Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Women in the World by Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore (Spring, 2015)

Racehorse: Poem of Woman’s Transformation by Ho Soon Han (Spring, 2014)