Dual Degree Options

There are two dual degree options within Rehabilitation Sciences for students interested in either a degree in occupational therapy or physical therapy before pursuing the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences.

Combined Doctor of Occupational Therapy/PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (OTD/PhD)

This combined program builds on the professional education in the Entry-Level Doctor of Occupational Therapy program, providing students PhD training to pursue a research and academic career. Developed in response to the profession’s need for research-trained scholars, the dual degree option provides a streamlined mechanism for earning both the OTD and the research-based PhD degree while capitalizing on the strengths of BU’s OT research faculty. Learn more.

Combined Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (DPT/PhD)

This program combines clinical training toward the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with PhD research training in the Rehabilitation Sciences. This combined degree gives students the tools and training to answer research questions with the potential to advance the profession of physical therapy and improve the health of society. Learn more.