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Please see Sargent College’s Guidelines for Returning to Face-to-Face Experiential Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To fully appreciate one of the greatest strengths of a Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College education, you have to leave the classroom.

A key part of your preparation to become a health care professional is the real-world exposure and training you’ll receive through the clinical experiences incorporated into each Sargent College degree program. Typically starting early, clinical experiences are planned sequentially to build on the academic knowledge and skills you’re acquiring through coursework. Some clinical placements are part time, while others are full time. All are integrated within the curriculum of the professional programs.

A global network unlike any in the country.

Our far-reaching network of clinical sites includes top hospitals, clinics, private practices, colleges and universities, secondary schools, and community agencies.  This far-reaching network means you’ll learn from some of the very best practitioners in your chosen field on campus, in Boston, across the country, and throughout the world.  You’ll be exposed to a remarkable diversity of patient populations, diagnoses, and settings throughout your program.

A dedicated clinical education team.

Sargent College has a dedicated Clinical Education Services (CES) office right in our building. This office assists faculty, staff, and students with the administrative and operational components of the clinical placement or internship.

Operations managed by the CES office include:

  • Managing current site requirements
  • Negotiating and renewing site contracts
  • Conducting student background checks
  • Arranging drug testing and fingerprinting for students
  • Providing proof of health requirements met
  • Distributing qualitative & quantitative evaluations of student, site, and staff experiences
  • Assisting with maintaining compliance with accreditation standards (5 programs)
  • Processing Tuition Vouchers and library access requests for supervisors

Questions? Contact us.

Clinical Education Services
635 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 218

Jennifer (Kras) Keenan, EdM, EdD
Senior Director of Clinical Education Administration
Office: 617-358-0758 | Fax: 617-358-3475 |

Jacqueline (Bayer) Fournier, EdM, ATC
Assistant Director of Clinical Education Administration
Office: 617-353-9731 | Fax: 617-358-3475 |

Katherine (KC) Barnes
Clinical Sites Manager
Office: 617-353-7526 | Fax 617-358-3475 |