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Whether you want to support our students, help fund innovative research, have an impact through our clinical centers, or improve lives through outreach programs, there are plenty of reasons to give to Sargent College.

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Your support can change lives

You may not realize how many ways—and how many people—you can help with a gift to the Campaign for BU. Every year, donors make an enormous difference to our students, research programs, and clinical centers. They contribute to the health of our communities and the reputation of our college. As an alumni or parent, you can benefit, too, when you give to Sargent. (You can designate Sargent College on the form.)

Support our students

Help keep the quality of our academics high by enabling us to hire faculty who are widely recognized scholars, researchers, and practitioners. Outside the classroom, your support helps fund student research and clinical opportunities that complement academic learning with vital, real-world experiences. Just as important, it strengthens our ability to recruit and financially assist some of the most talented students in the field.

Help fund innovative research

Sargent College’s research centers and labs not only serve a learning function for our students but also solidify our place at the forefront of advances in health and rehabilitation. Our research crosses disciplines, involving faculty from a variety of Sargent departments as well as other BU schools and colleges. Many of our research findings and interdisciplinary programs—like our fitness programs for patients with neurological disorders—have already become the basis for advanced therapeutic practices in Sargent clinics.

Have an impact through our clinical centers

The work taking place in our clinical centers is highly interdisciplinary and ultimately life-changing for our patients.

For example, a BU neuroscientist and speech professor has created a model for mapping and capturing thoughts—a groundbreaking step toward helping patients with speech dysfunctions. Our Center for Neurorehabilitation drives multidisciplinary research findings quickly and seamlessly into clinical practice, where physical therapists use exercise to help individuals with Parkinson’s disease improve their daily functioning. And our ENACT Center enhances the lives of people with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions through research, education, and training. Their programs are developed in collaboration with our medical, public health, and communication schools, as well as the Arthritis Foundation.

Of course, our clinics also give students invaluable hands-on learning experience. Read more about Sargent College clinical centers:

Improve lives through outreach programs

Every year, hundreds of Sargent College students participate in community outreach programs to improve the health and well-being of people with illnesses and disabilities. They work on campus, in Boston, and around the world, volunteering their time, energy, and knowledge.

In a service-learning pilot program that married all the college’s disciplines, 15 students and their mentors traveled to Belize to test, teach, and increase awareness of the country’s number one killer, diabetes. And students from several Sargent programs spent their spring break in Costa Rica, helping to set up and run health clinics for people with no access to care. These and many other programs could not exist without support from donors.

Enhance the reputation of your alma mater

If you’re an alum, the exceptional standing of Sargent College continues to reflect on you. If you’re a parent of a Sargent student, it can open doors and provide a competitive advantage for your son or daughter.

Beyond all the ways your gift can support our educational programs, did you know that becoming a donor has a direct impact on our school’s national ranking? The greater the number of alumni who support BU, regardless of dollar amounts, the higher our future ranking will be.

How to give online

It’s easy to give online. For the greatest impact on our school and students, please select Sargent College as your gift designation. Your generosity is deeply appreciated!