The Physical Therapy & Athletic Training department offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy/PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (DPT/PhD) Program for students with exceptional academic promise and strong motivation for a career in research. The program combines clinical training toward the DPT degree with PhD research training in the Rehabilitation Sciences. This combined degree program gives students the tools and training to answer research questions with the potential to advance the profession of physical therapy and improve the health of society.

Research Training for Aspiring Physical Therapists

In collaboration with faculty mentors, students will prepare an individualized training program. DPT/PhD students are encouraged to participate in research activities in the laboratory of their research mentor early during the DPT phase of the program. Various levels of integration of the DPT and PhD program requirements is possible within our curriculum.

How to Apply

Interested students must first apply and be admitted into the DPT program. Entry-level DPT students who express interest in the combined DPT/PhD program will begin mentored research training in a research laboratory early in their DPT program. Formal application to the combined DPT/PhD program occurs in the second year of DPT training. Applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a BU faculty member. Admittance into the combined program is dependent upon the availability of faculty mentors and funding.


For requirements and additional information, please refer to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences programs.