Resources during COVID-19

The Coronavirus is affecting our lives in significant ways. More than ever, our core belief holds true: how you feel matters. Find our list of virtual resources to support wellbeing here.

Welcome to the Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project is a new campus-wide initiative to support students’ health and wellness during their time at BU. We believe that everyone deserves to feel good and that how students feel matters. Our collective goal – as administrators, faculty and staff – is to inspire our students to feel fulfilled each day, despite the ups and downs of life on campus.

We’re starting a new conversation about how to find balance and fulfillment and enjoy the rich, memorable experiences of being a student. Throughout the year, the Project will host and co-sponsor programs and events where students can join with others to pause, recharge, and learn tools to help them thrive.

What We Believe

Some students are thriving, some are striving, and others are barely surviving. Today’s students work incredibly hard, and feel pressure to work even harder. And when they’re not working, there are stressors that demand a different kind of work.

But here’s the thing: we know that when students feel better, they perform better. To perform at full potential, students need to be able to occasionally step back, see the big picture, and sometimes try doing things differently.

Steering Committee

The Wellbeing Project was created, in part, thanks to the dedication and support of Provost Morrison and a core group of administrators and students who care deeply about health and wellbeing.

  • Carrie Landa (Co-Chair)
    Associate Director, Student Health Services
    Director, Behavioral Medicine
  • Katharine Mooney (Co-Chair)
    Director, Wellness & Prevention Services
  • David Cotter
    Assistant Provost for Graduate Enrollment Management, Graduate Education
  • Kris Covarrubias
    Marketing Manager, Fitness & Recreation Center
  • Pedro Falci
    Associate Director, Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground
  • Dori Hutchinson
    Director of Services, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Shiney James
    Director of Orientation, Dean of Students Office
  • Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk
    NITEO Program Manager, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Maria Ober
    Assistant Dean of Communications, BU School of Medicine
  • Rachel Reynolds
    Assistant Director, Sargent Choice Nutrition Center
  • Blake Sims
    Program Director of Social Innovation, Innovate@BU