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PASI inspires TADMAC seminar series at UNAM

TADMAC stands for “Tecnologías de Alto Desempeño Aplicadas a la Modelación Matemática y Computacional”, meaning: High-performance technologies applied to mathematical and computational modeling. This is a new seminar series created to cover in greater depth the topics presented at the PASI in Valparaíso, and to apply them to the research topics of interest to the […]

New collaboration forged at PASI

David Ketcheson and Jefferey Stuart—both PASI 2011 participants who met while in Chile—have formed a team of Applied Mathematicians and Computer Scientists from KAUST, UC Davis, University of Washington, and the American University of Beirut, to work on the explicit solution of hyperbolic partial differential equations on GPUs. Specifically, the team has started work on […]