Ride Matching with Bay State Commute

With our Commute Better Together program, employees who share a carpool permit can save 75% or more on parking.

To find a carpool partner using Bay State Commute:

  1. Visit baystatecommute.com
  2. Click “Join” and create an account
  3. Click “Account” and select “Profile”
  4. Fill out your profile and be sure to specify “Boston University” under “Organization.”
    Enter an Organization
  5. Click “Save Changes”
  6. Click “Find Rides”
  7. Enter your home and work addresses
  8. Narrow your search to carpools by unchecking all but “carpool” and narrow your search to fellow BU employees by selecting “yes” for “Same org?”
    Filtering 3b
  9. Further narrow your search as desired (time, language, smoking preferences, etc.)
  10. 2 miles is the default radius for finding matches. Click “< 2 mi.” to change search radii.
  11. Click the green and red map pins to see potential carpool partners.
  12. For more information about them and to contact them via email, click on their profile name and then click “contact”.
  13. Once you’ve found a match, find a time that you can visit Parking and Transportation Services (1019 Commonwealth Ave) at the same time and fill out application forms. To save time, you can download and complete the form (PDF) in advance if you want. To see if you’re eligible for a discounted permit, be sure to read the Commute Better Together terms carefully.
  14. If you don’t find a match right away, don’t worry. Bay State Commute will notify you if you have new potential matches!