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David Boas and Team Awarded NIH BRAIN CONNECT Funding

As one of 11 grants, with a total support cost of $150 million, Professor Boas et al. will utilize their portion of the funding for their research on “Mapping Connectivity of the Human Brainstem in a Nuclear Coordinate System” Read more here: Project Abstract: The ~1 billion neurons that form the human brainstem are […]

Xiaojun Cheng Wins $2.7 million 5-year NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant

Assistant Professor Xiaojun Cheng was the lead PI in this project on “A transformative method for functional brain imaging with Speckle Contrast Optical Spectroscopy,” with co-PI David Boas. Abstract: Advances in non-invasive monitoring of human brain function under normal and pathological conditions will lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain in health and […]

NIH R01 awarded to advance a “Computational Miniature Mesoscope”

Congratulations to Professor Lei Tian and his co-investigators Ian Davison and David Boas for being awarded a 5-year NIH R01 titled “Computational Miniature Mesoscope for Cortex-wide, Cellular resolution Ca2+ Imaging in Freely Behaving Mice.” This award evolved from the early days of the BU miniature microscope designed to measure brain function in freely moving and […]

Devor Awarded a New NIH BRAIN Initiative grant to study cell-type-specific mechanisms of Patterned Sensory Stimulation (PSS)

Congratulations to NPC Professor Anna Devor and her collaborators Anton Arkhipov at the Allen Brain Institute and Li-Huei Tsai at MIT for receiving an NIH BRAIN Initiative award R01NS122742 to study cell-type-specific mechanisms of Patterned Sensory Stimulation (PSS)! PSS is a non-invasive technique for manipulating brain activity and states, employing, for example, periodic visual or […]

Neuroimaging in the Everyday World

The Need: How a healthy brain works and what can be done to prevent and treat acquired and developmental brain disorders is one of the primary aims of contemporary neuroscience research and a major focus of the BRAIN Initiative. The only way to catalyze such innovative scientific breakthroughs is to integrate multi-disciplinary teams that can […]

Congratulations to NPC trainee Patrick Doran for receiving an NIH F31 Fellowship

Simultaneous optical voltage imaging and fMRI in behaving mice  Congratulations to Patrick Doran for receiving an NIH F31 fellowship for his project “Simultaneous optical voltage imaging and fMRI in behaving mice.” Patrick is a BU BME PhD Student and NPC trainee working with NPC Faculty member Professor Anna Devor’s group. The abstract of his work follows: […]