Neurophotonics Research Training (NRT) Program

The Neurophotonics Research Training (NRT) Program is a university-wide community of doctoral students in biology, neuroscience, biophysics, and engineering with focused professional development and graduate training at the intersection of neuroscience, optical engineering and data science. Here you can find out what the traineeship program has to offer and acknowledge that you as the trainees have a responsibility to ensure that the traineeship program is providing you with programs and opportunities for your future endeavors. If at any time you have suggestions for improvements or changes to the program, you should email us at

If you are interested in participating in Neurophotonics Training, then Apply here! Applications to join are taken year round and accepted on a rolling basis. If you are a trainee only interested in participating in NPC events but not joining the training program, then please provide your contact information here. You can see a list of current and past NPC trainees here, and a list of NPC Fellows since 2024 here.

As a Trainee, you will:

  • Have a faculty co-mentor that complements your primary mentor in the intersecting fields of neuroscience, photonics and data science. You will also be mentored by a senior NPC trainee in the first years and then later on mentor a junior NPC trainee.
  • Participate in two Boot Camps as an attendee during July of your 1st and 2nd year of graduate study. Former participants can be called upon to be an assistant in follow-on years.
  • Take core courses to strengthen your training in neuroscience at the intersection of photonics and data science. Individualized research and career development plans for each trainee will be developed with guidance from your PI and the NPC Education Committee.
  • Receive training in the Responsible Conduct of Research including elements on enhancing reproducibility, ethics and preventing misconduct. Also receiving training in Mentoring.
  • Have an opportunity to apply for a research fellowship at the end of your 2nd year.
  • Participate in numerous NPC activities including: Instrumentation and Data Binge Sessions, seminar series, annual symposium, neuroethics meetings and journal club.
  • Develop your leadership skills participating in and leading NPC committees.
  • Receive a Travel Award to conferences (e.g. SfN, SPIE, Optica) starting in your third year of graduate study. To be eligible for the award, you must submit a paper or poster for presentation at the conference, and it must be accepted. Travel awards are available for all active NPC trainees starting in their 3rd year or later.

    Acknowledging the NRT program in presentations and publications:

    • In any posters, presentations, or publications, please be sure to acknowledge the NRT program and use NPC logo.
    • The funding acknowledgement is the NIH T32-NS136080 “Graduate Training at the Interface of Neuroscience, Optical Engineering and Data Science”