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David Boas and Team Awarded NIH BRAIN CONNECT Funding

As one of 11 grants, with a total support cost of $150 million, Professor Boas et al. will utilize their portion of the funding for their research on “Mapping Connectivity of the Human Brainstem in a Nuclear Coordinate System” Read more here: Project Abstract: The ~1 billion neurons that form the human brainstem are […]

Scientist Profile – Professor David Boas

Since 2017, Professor David Boas, founding director of the BU Neurophotonics Center (NPC), has been building an interdisciplinary community to develop and deploy photonics technologies that allow scientists to use light to study the brain in impactful new ways.

Neuroscience Beyond the Lab

Incoming Neurophotonics Center assistant professor Matthias Stangl is looking into the “how” and “why” of neural mechanisms. By Danny Giancioppo: Neuroscientist Matthias Stangl will be joining the Boston University Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Neurophotonics Center (NPC), the Center for Systems Neuroscience, and the Cognitive Neuroimaging Center this January after an already impressive career at […]

Darren Roblyer to Lead New SPIE Journal

Professor Roblyer will be serving as the editor-in-chief of SPIE‘s latest journal, “Biophotonics Discovery (BIOS),” beginning publication in early 2024. The journal will serve as an outlet for new and advancing technologies, research, and findings within the biophotonics field, a burgeoning subdivision of both biology and photonics. This is publication also serves as an outlet through which […]

Xiaojun Cheng Wins $2.7 million 5-year NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant

Assistant Professor Xiaojun Cheng was the lead PI in this project on “A transformative method for functional brain imaging with Speckle Contrast Optical Spectroscopy,” with co-PI David Boas. Abstract: Advances in non-invasive monitoring of human brain function under normal and pathological conditions will lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain in health and […]