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Welcome to the Newly “BU Oriented” NPC Faculty

While Mike Economo, Laura Lewis, and Anna Devor have been around BU and the NPC the last few months, they have just been officially oriented to BU as their first academic year at BU begins. They are already active within the NPC. It is great to have them here at BU!

New Faculty Grants for 2019

The NPC Faculty have had brilliant second and third quarters of fiscal year 2019, totaling more than $9 million in new grants awarded between July 2018 and April 2019.  

Neurophotonics Center Publications in 2019 (up to May)

List of NPC Faculty publication 2019 (compiled on Google Scholar) David Boas Tahir W, Zhu J, Kura S, Cheng X, Boas D, Tian L. 2019. A Deep Learning Approach to 3D Segmentation of Brain Vasculature. In: Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences Congress 2019 (BODA,BRAIN,NTM,OMA,OMP). Optical Society of America. p. BT2A.6. Moeini M, Lu […]

Cameron Condylis receives NIH F31 NRSA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

We’re glad to announce that Cameron Condylis was awarded an NIH F31 NRSA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship on “Functional, anatomical, and molecular dissection of mouse somatosensory cortex”. His project combines in vivo two-photon calcium imaging, anatomical tracing, and in situ transcriptional profiling to understand how these properties define neuronal cell types and circuit computations in the mammalian neocortex. Cameron […]

Neurophotonics Center Seminar – Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Please join us at 11 AM on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at the Rajen Kilachand for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering, Room 101, where Dawen Cai from the University of Michigan will lead a seminar on “Mapping neuronal identities and connections in neural circuits by light microscope.” Seminar abstract: Neural circuits, composed of intercellular connected neurons with distinct […]

New England FLIM Workshop

Join us at the 2019 New England FLIM Workshop on Thursday, June 13 2019 at Boston University, MA from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The event is organized by Boston Electronics Corporation of Brookline, MA and Becker&Hickl GmbH in Berlin,Germany, and Prof. David Boas, Boston University. This one-day workshop covers many facets of Time-Correlated Single […]

Imaging in the Behaving Brain – NSF Workshop

Please join the NSF Physics of the Living System Workshop on Friday, April 12th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm     Where: Harvard University Geological Museum Lecture Hall 100 24 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Click here to register Further questions: Polina Kehayova      

Homer Webinar – April 2, 2019 at 2pm EDT

Dear Homer Community, We are starting up our Homer training webinar series again. We plan to offer a 1 hour training webinar every 1 or two months. We did this a few years ago and it worked very well. We are not planning to provide an introduction to Homer in this webinar. To get an […]