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News and profiles about members of the NPC

Helen Tager-Flusberg Among Retiring Faculty Recently Honored

Helen Tager-Flusberg for her continuing dedication to her field of research and her many contributions to our department and Boston University over the course of her career. In academia internationally, Helen’s name is pretty much synonymous with early autism research. She is not just a star of the field, she is one of the originators […]

Designing a Better World for the People Sat Beside You – Professor Chen Yang’s Lab Works to Enhance Retinal and Brain Implants

by Danny Giancioppo, Photos by Chris McIntosh Nanomaterials & Interdisciplinary Research For recently promoted Professor Chen Yang (ECE, Chem, MSE), making a societal impact through her work––utilizing nanotechnology to research, understand, and develop retinal and neurostimulative devices––is everything. The interdisciplinary nature of her research, meanwhile, is a natural part of the process. “It’s interdisciplinary because […]

Martin Thunemann and Ella Zeldich Winners of GSI 2024 Pilot Grant Competition

Through the 2024 Pilot Grant Competition, the Genome Science Institute supports nine one-year pilot projects; each to enhance genetics and genomics research at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, with the use of kits, reagents, and other services with new genomic technologies. Professors Martin Thunemann and Ella Zeldich were among the winners for their project: 8. “Elucidating […]