Frequently Asked Questions

White evening parking permits are available for free to all part- and full-time Metropolitan College faculty members. The White permit allows you to park after 4 p.m. in any lot except Lots A, C-2, L, and R. Please visit Boston University Maps for a map of campus parking lots.

You will need to request a parking permit application from the MET Dean’s office. Fill it out with your car information and BU ID number, and return it to the Dean’s office. One of the Staff Coordinators needs to sign the application for you, certifying that you are a faculty member for Metropolitan College.

Take the application directly to Parking & Transportation Services, located on the second floor of the George Sherman Student Union (775 Commonwealth Avenue). Parking & Transportation Services is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you cannot come to campus during these times, arrangements can be made to have the permit mailed to your home or office.

If you need to come to campus and park during the day, but don’t plan to be here every day, the Red permit provides access to some available street parking, as well as to several parking lots that allow payment upon entry. Please contact the Parking & Transportation Services office to apply for the Red parking permit. Lot prices range from $8-40 per day, depending on the lot.

The Green parking permit is for daily use and has a monthly fee attached to it. For more information, please contact Parking & Transportation Services.

If you are coming to campus during the day for a MET-sponsored event, please contact the MET Dean’s office to request a parking permit for the day.

If you need a projector for just one or a few classes, please submit a form through the Classroom Technology & Support website at least three days in advance of your class.

If you need a projector every night, contact the MET Dean’s office to request a room change.

Many instructors hold office hours in the classroom either before or after class. In certain situations rooms can be booked for special meetings or study sessions. If an additional space is needed contact the MET Dean’s office.

Many instructors give a ten minute break in the middle of the class, but it is up to you to decide if you want to give a short break during the class.

Contact Sergio Lemos, the MET Payroll Coordinator, at 617-353-2974.

If you are a new part-time or full-time faculty member:

In addition to the appointment forms that are due to your department coordinator, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to verify your I-9 documents with Human Resources. After verification you can access the Employee Self Service tab in the BUworks Portal to fill out additional payroll information and to set up direct deposit.

If you are a returning faculty member:

If you have taught within the past 18 months, you should not have to update your W4 and direct deposit unless any of your information has changed.

If you have not taught for Metropolitan College within the past 18 months, please visit the Employee Self Service tab in the BUworks Portal to verify that your payroll information is correct.

Please view these step-by-step instructions for help on how to submit your grades online. You can also follow along with a series of screen shots. For a breakdown of acceptable grades, please view these grading guidelines.

All grades should be submitted online through the WebGrade system, which requires your Kerberos login. If you do not have a Kerberos login, please visit the IT Help Center in person at 533 Commonwealth Avenue or Mugar Library, 771 Commonwealth Avenue, to set up your username and password. Please be prepared to show your faculty University ID.

If you have forgotten your Kerberos password, please contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-2780.

You need to obtain a grade change form from the MET Dean’s office. Fill it out completely, including all course information and the reason for the change, and return it to the Dean’s office. The Assistant Dean must review and approve the change before sending it to the Registrar’s office.

Please review our grading guidelines for what may be changed and what may not.

Please review our policies for an Incomplete Grade Contract.

Please review our Guest Speaker policies.

Room changes will only be granted based on the number of enrolled students and the specific needs of the course. No room changes will be made after the third week of classes. If you would like to request a room change, please contact the Staff Coordinators in the MET Dean’s office at 617-353-3000. The following information will be required: course number, meeting day and time, number of seats required for the room, the reason for the room change, and a building preference.

Find more information about room changes and procedures.

If you have a problem with the heating, ventilation, or AC unit in your classroom, you need to call the Facilities Management & Planning emergency number at 617-353-2105. Be sure to give them the address of the building and your room number.

Students enrolled in the J1 section of your course are Alumni Audit students. These students are all alumni of the University and are therefore entitled to audit any undergraduate MET course with the instructor’s permission. These students are added after the third week in the semester, which is why the extra section appears late. For additional information, please see the Alumni Audit page.

This student should receive a “MG” grade. In the comments fields on the WebGrade system (on the Faculty Link), make a note that the student has never attended your course.