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Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Historical Interpretation

Philosophical Inquiry and Life’s Meanings (PLM)

Aesthetic Exploration (AEX)

Historical Consciousness (HCO)

Scientific and Social Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry I (SI1)

Scientific Inquiry II (SI2)

Social Inquiry I (SO1)

Social Inquiry II (SO2)

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning I (QR1)

Quantitative Reasoning II (QR2)

Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship

The Individual in Community (IIC)

Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (GCI)

Ethical Reasoning (ETR)


Writing, Research, and Inquiry (WRI)

Writing-Intensive Course (WIN)

Oral and/or Signed Communication (OSC)

Digital/Multimedia Expression (DME)

Intellectual Toolkit

Critical Thinking (CRT)

Research and Information Literacy (RIL)

Teamwork/Collaboration (TWC)

Creativity/Innovation (CRI)