Students who have taken college-level courses at other institutions can often receive transfer credit for similar courses offered at BU. To obtain mathematics or statistics transfer credit from another institution, students should follow these steps.

  1. First, check the BU Transfer Equivalency Site (TES).
  2. If a course has been pre-approved for transfer to BU, it will appear on this list.  Then you need to submit the online CAS Advising Transfer Course Pre-Screen Request form. After you complete the transfer course, you must have an official transcript sent to your BU school/college records office to complete the transfer credit process.
  3. If a course has not been pre-approved, then you must complete the Transfer Course Equivalency Form. Then email this form and the syllabus for the external course to  You should be notified within two weeks of the department’s decision and next steps if it is approved.

For more information, please contact our Undergraduate Program Administrator.