After your sophomore year, you will be assigned a faculty advisor, meaning a professor in our department. You can request that a particular faculty member be assigned to you by contacting our Undergraduate Program Administrator. Alternatively, a faculty advisor will be assigned to you. Once a faculty advisor has been assigned to you their name should appear in your Student Link, for example on your Degree Advice.

Faculty advisors can help you with things like choosing your upper-level elective courses, arranging for undergraduate research opportunities, applying for graduate school, thinking about career choices, etc. You can contact your faculty advisor either via email or by stopping by their office hours. Faculty office hours can typically be found on their webpages, which are linked to below. If you cannot find their office hours on their webpage, we suggest you reach out to them via email. If you cannot find their email address on their webpage, you can consult the departmental directory.

Faculty Advisors focusing primarily on Mathematics students:

Faculty Advisors focusing primarily on Statistics students: