Faculty, postdoctoral students, and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics engage in research across a wide range of disciplines. We have particularly strong groups in dynamical systems and its applications, geometry/topology, number theory, and probability and statistics. Additionally, we have specialized research centers such as the Center for BioDynamics, Operations Research and Math Finance and the Statistics & Consulting Unit.

There are also opportunities for enthusiastic undergraduates to participate in cutting-edge research in mathematics and statistics.

For example, Robert Thijs Kozma, who graduated in 2010 and is currently a mathematics grad student at Stony Brook, was recently notified that he has been awarded the Richard V. Andree award from the Pi Mu Epsilon Society for his research paper Julia sets converging to the fixed basilica, PME Journal, Vol.13, No.5, pp 281-288, 2011. This was research he did in a senior thesis project that was supervised by Prof. Devaney in 2009-10.