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A Place for Everyone

Over its 150-year history, BU Law has been home to trailblazers who have made their mark on the law and the world.

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  • A collage featuring a woman in professional dress, windmills, an x-ray of a chest

    What’s Next?

    The BU Law community shares predictions for the next 150 years of law and legal education.

  • Rohan ('17) and Catalina ('18) Kazi

    All in the Family

    Alumni share the personal and family ties that connect them to BU Law.

  • Kimberly Atkins Stohr (COM'98, LAW'98) sits in the hallway of her home

    A Place to Find Oneself

    Kimberly Atkins Stohr (COM'98, LAW'98) reflects on a time and place that shaped her experience of law school.

  • Legal History

    Reflecting on Our History

    As BU Law celebrates its 150th anniversary, Professor David J. Seipp looks back to assess and appreciate the school's rich history.

  • LAW150

    Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Dean Onwuachi-Willig reflects on the future of legal education.

  • A rare edition of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England

    Treasures from the Archives

    The archives at Boston University School of Law contain letters, memos, and other administrative documents, as well as yearbooks, old exams, photos, rare books, and even handwritten scrolls. Here are just a few of the treasures we unearthed in our quest to learn more about the school’s past.

  • CARB-X at BU Law

    Can we Prevent Antibiotic Resistance?

    Antibiotics are losing effectiveness—and millions are dying as a result. CARB-X has been given up to $370 million in new funding from the US government and charitable foundation Wellcome.

  • Alumni

    Class Notes: Fall 2022

    Class notes for the fall 2022 issue of The Record reflect submissions received between December 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022.

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