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Summer 2024 Schedule

  • GTP Summer 2024 Course Schedule
  • All summer classes are online only.
  • Some classes will meet live weekly on Zoom. A recording will be posted for students unable to attend the live class meeting.
  • Classes without the live option will post recorded lectures to Blackboard on a weekly basis.
  • Registration is not available through the Student Portal.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Fall 2023 Schedule

          General Course Offerings

          • GTP Course Offerings
            • Our course schedule changes every semester as we try to stay on the cutting edge of tax education. However, you can review this list to get a sense of the courses we tend to offer in the fall and spring semesters to assist you in planning your schedule.

          Three-Semester Bar Option

          Non-US trained students who are interested in sitting for the New York bar exam should review our guide specifically for GTP students. This guide also links to the New York Bar Exam Handbook, which all students who wish to take the New York bar exam should be familiar with.

          Download the GTP Three-Semester Guide here.


          • Required Classes: There are 5 classes required for the degree – Federal Income Tax I (TX901), Federal Income Tax II (TX902), Introduction to Corporate Tax (TX933), and Partnership Tax (TX930). Tax Practice and Procedure (TX907) is no longer a required course. Federal Income Tax I, Federal Income Tax II, and Introduction to Corporate Tax are only offered in the fall semester, and usually in the summer. They are not offered in the spring. If you are a full-time student starting in the fall, you should register for these three classes if you are not waiving out. Additionally, Estate and Gift Tax (TX904), which is required for the Estate Planning concentration and is a pre- or co-requisite for Estate Planning (TX935) is only offered in the fall semester.
          • Class Loads: Full-time students should register for 12 credits (generally 6 classes). Part-time students can register for anywhere from 2-10 credits. In order to be eligible for federal financial aid you must be registered for at least 6 credits. The maximum number of credits permitted during the summer is 10.
          • State and Local Tax Externship: In the fall semester, enrollment in TX903 State and Local Tax Externship Seminar is limited to students admitted to the externship program with the MA Department of Revenue this fall. Students interested in SALT who are not part of the externship program can take TX928 State and Local Tax in the spring semester.
          • Three Semester Bar Option: Non-US trained students who wish to pursue the three semester bar enrollment option to qualify to sit for the NY Bar should discuss their plans with the GTP prior to the start of their first semester. While you are not required to take any bar qualification courses in your first semester, you should consider taking Legal Research and Writing (2 credits). Please contact the GTP for information on registering for this class.
          • Add/drop period: The add/drop period will run through Monday, September 20. Please use the add/drop form to make any changes to your schedule.
          • Withdrawals/Leaves of Absence: If you choose to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the program, you must submit the LOA/Withdrawal form prior to the start of the semester. Once the semester starts, if you are registered and choose to withdraw or take a leave of absence you should be aware that you will still be responsible for some or all of your tuition charges for the semester, even if you have not yet paid your tuition bill. Please contact the GTP with questions.

          Course Descriptions and Prerequisites