Graduate Tax Program

The Graduate Tax Program, established in 1959 as one of the first graduate tax programs in the nation, continues to be one of the best. The program is designed to expose you to the rigorous academic challenges of current tax law and to train you to be an excellent tax practitioner. An LLM in Taxation from BU Law reflects a mastery of the practice, ethics, and subtleties of tax law.

The goal of the program is to confer an advanced degree that reflects a mastery of tax law—its practice, its ethics, and some of its subtleties. The broad curriculum offers five required courses and over 30 electives which provide students with an in-depth examination of specific areas of interest. Faculty maintain a balance between tax law theory and the practical needs of degree candidates wishing to excel as tax practitioners.

The program’s student body is comprised of both recent graduates of law schools throughout the country and practitioners at many of the nation’s leading law and tax consulting firms. Graduates engage in private practice, government agencies, and corporate law departments. You may attend on either a part-time or full-time basis. Classes are scheduled only during the late afternoon and evening hours to facilitate participation by working lawyers.

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