Kilachand Internship Program

The Kilachand Internship Program (KIP) provides funding to support a number of Kilachand students each year who identify or design a project with an organization focused on social justice work, as defined by the student. KIP provides living allowance stipends for unpaid, nonprofit internships, as well as mentorship and an educational framework to support and strengthen the internship experience.

Kilachand’s grounding in critical and creative thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving will be exemplified in internships with organizations focused on social justice work.  There are many problems of imbalance in society that are very old and will require new, creative solutions as well as critical thinking to assess how any proposed solution might work or, as it is implemented, is working.  Social justice problem-solving is an active, iterative and challenging process that requires one to first consider the ethical, scientific, financial, and political significance of proposed steps, as well as other possible facets.  This interdisciplinary approach is embodied in our curriculum, and KIP gives students an opportunity to bring their energy, passion, and commitment into practice.

Prepare to Apply

Before applying for this selective program, Kilachand students must identify an internship opportunity at an organization that they believe promotes social justice goals. The application requires students to submit a statement of their definition of social justice, description of their proposed plan of work, and letter of support from the institution or internship sponsor.

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Who can apply?

All Kilachand students who have completed their first year, have made satisfactory academic progress, and are in good standing in Kilachand are eligible to apply.

How many students are supported each year?

Funds are finite, and the KIP Application Committee will attempt to support as many proposals as possible.  Up to 10 students will be supported through KIP during summer 2023.

What types of internships qualify?

Students must work with an organization focused on social justice work, as defined by the student, and supported by publicly available materials from the organization.  The internships must be unpaid and must not offer academic credit. We encourage partnerships with non-profit organizations.

How much funding does each student receive?

There are three funding tiers. Students receive living allowance stipends between $1,000 and $4,000.


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