Ushering in a smarter, better future.

BU researchers are combining their expertise in such diverse fields as quantum materials and molecular engineering, nanofabrication and additive manufacturing, and nonlinear dynamics. They’re collaborating on advanced materials designed for next-level strength and toughness, materials designed to reduce energy consumption and noise pollution, and even nano-sensors for personalized medicine and chemical sensing. These projects have earned our teams major grants, signaling confidence that BU might help usher in a smarter, better future.

David Bishop standing in front of bookshelf

How do you design tomorrow’s materials?

“For some problems, the convergent approach is not the best way. It’s the only way,” says David Bishop, director of a $40 million, BU-led, multi-institution research center that is bioengineering functional heart tissue. Bishop is one of the BU engineers who are pioneering cutting-edge materials that tackle major societal challenges.

A variety of solutions