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As a computer engineering PhD student, you will pursue theoretical and empirical studies alongside our world-renowned faculty. Students can enter the program directly after completing a bachelors degree, and earn a masters degree along the way. Students can also enter the program after completing a masters degree.

Degree Type

  • Doctorate


  • On-Campus

Tremendous Research Opportunities

Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty members boast international reputations and provide students with opportunities for research, for example, in such areas as: Computer Networking and Distributed Systems, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Applications, Communication, Sensor Networks, and Cybersecurity. You can learn more about research in these areas by visiting Mobile/Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity and BioECE and Digital Health.

The ECE PhD Student Experience

As a computer engineering PhD student, you will pursue theoretical and empirical studies in a topic area determined by your interests and those of your faculty research advisor. As a student in Boston, you will be in the midst of a vibrant high-tech research community where external collaborations with industry, government, and other universities are common. However, your experience will likely not be limited to Boston; PhD students are supported by the Department to present their work at many key conferences around the world.

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Program Requirements

Post Bachelors: A total of 64 graduate-level credits, 32 of which must meet the MS-EE requirements. A successfully defended PhD prospectus may be used to satisfy the MS thesis/project requirement.

Post Masters: A total of 32 graduate-level credits.

For all PhD students: PhD Qualifying Process and Achieving Candidacy, Prospectus and Final Defenses & Teaching/Residency/Math Requirements.

Note: In structured courses, only grades of B- or higher are accepted for fulfilling PhD credit requirements. In non-structured (P/F) courses, the P grade is acceptable for fulfilling PhD requirements. PhD students who receive grades of C+ or lower in 3 courses will be withdrawn from the program.

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