At BU MechE, we believe hands on experience is at the core of a great mechanical engineering education and we provide state of the art laboratories and equipment for demonstrations and projects for all of our students and faculty. If you are interested in studying Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, we welcome you to visit us in Boston, meet our faculty and students, and to view our maker spaces in person.


Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC)

At EPIC, you can experience hands-on design, prototyping, and small-scale manufacturing as an integral part of your overall engineering education. It’s a 15,000-square-foot, $9 million facility in the heart of BU’s Charles River Campus, and it helps address a critical need in the US: training prospective engineers who understand how to develop and manufacture innovative new products in a global environment. EPIC educates undergraduates and graduate students on the entire range of relevant skill sets—from design to prototyping to manufacturing to lifecycle management—that are vital to product innovation. Read More



The Boston University Robotics Lab is a self-contained research facility located in the Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC) on BU’s Charles River campus. The lab has a large arena equipped with a motion capture system, which allows for experimentation with several ground and air robots of various sizes and capabilities. It has a dedicated workshop and conference room, and can accommodate about 30 students and postdocs. Read More

Binoy K. Singh Imagineering Laboratory

The Binoy K. Singh Imagineering Laboratory, also known as “The Tinker Lab,” gives students the resources to take on extracurricular engineering initiatives and think about new ways to address society’s challenges. The Singh Imagineering Lab provides easy access to entrepreneurially minded College of Engineering students, and other BU students working with them, without limiting the topic or timeframe of use. Using the lab’s tools and machinery—and guidance from faculty, graduate students and undergraduate peers—students are encouraged to pursue their ideas and designs. Read More

Center for Manufacturing Innovation (Fraunhofer CMI)

The process of turning research innovations into functional products that can serve real societal needs is chaotic and lengthy. Innovative ideas often linger too long in the research phase. The BU – Fraunhofer Alliance for Medical Devices, Instrumentation and Diagnostics was created to accelerate the development and deployment of medical innovation from the laboratory to the patient point-of-care. Working closely with the principal investigators, Fraunhofer CMI engineers develop these ideas into functional instruments and devices that can attract investment from VC’s for a new venture creation or be licensed to existing companies in their space. This program is funded jointly by Fraunhofer and Boston University. Read More