Singh Imagineering Lab (SILab)

Empowering Students to Innovate

“What if…?”  The Binoy K. Singh Imagineering Laboratory, or “SILab,” gives students the resources to take on extracurricular engineering initiatives and think about new ways to address society’s challenges. The Singh Imagineering Lab provides easy access to entrepreneurially minded College of Engineering students, and other BU students working with them, without limiting the topic or timeframe of use. Using the lab’s tools and machinery—and guidance from faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate peers—students are encouraged to pursue their ideas and designs. Where applicable, they can take projects to the prototype stage and enter them in design competitions and where feasible, they will be encouraged to take on partners from BU’s Questrom School of Business, work on plans to potentially commercialize their products and enter them in business competitions.

Eligible Students

BU College of Engineering Students

BU students working with at least one BU College of Engineering Student

Completion of a 30-minute safety course is required

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Competitions and Workshops

There are several Competitions and Workshops held by SILab each year, learn more about them below.

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